“We’re Here, We’re Marrying, Get Used to It”

Spouses Liz and Jannelle with parents, grandmother and their daughter, Jasmine, NYC, 10/27/10

After an anxiety-filled week, conscience, Constitutionality and morality triumphed over bigotry, fear and hatefulness this evening in Albany, as the New York State Senate approved marriage equality.  Rather than swimming against the tide of history,  New York, with thanks to Governor Cuomo, without whom this milestone would remain unachieved, has responded to the small (but ever-expanding) margin of Americans that favors gay marriage, making New York the sixth and most populous state in the country where it is legal.

And although it’s unlike me to give props to Republicans, there were heroes on that side of the aisle as well: Senate majority leader Dean Skelos, who allowed the issue to come to a vote;  and earlier this week, Senator James Alessi, confronted the controversy with humor, “I’m a Republican–I was born that way.”  And although he voted against marriage equlity in 2009, he added, “I am proud to be a Republican. I will also be proud to be the first Republican voter to vote for marriage equality in this state.”  (The vote is taken alphabetically.)

President Obama’s views are said to be evolving and I read recently that it is believed that he “was in favor of gay marriage before he was against it” in 2008 when it wasn’t expedient for candidate Obama to come down on the progressive–and correct–side.

(But what I really mean to say about the momentous vote is YIPPEEEE.)

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