A Couple of White Guys Talking

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan

While doing impressions of themselves for 111 minutes, as well as dueling impersonations of other British stars (Caine, Hopkins, Connery, McKellan) intermittently throughout “The Trip,” Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon hit six culinary hotspots in northern England.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom, the film (opening June 10) sends the pair driving around (driving each other crazy), visiting well-appointed rooms, indulging in lavish dishes (often completed with foams and emulsions) and hilarious, quick-fire competitive comedy bits.  (From Brydon, “Levity, brevity, gravity–where do you stand on that?”)

But there’s also an underlying tone of anxiety and discontent from Coogan, concerned with fame and family.  And like the engineer in Abbas Kiarostami’s “The Wind Will Carry Us,” he’s frequently frustrated while standing in a spectacular landscape, trying to  get a cell signal–unable to call his all-but-estranged American girlfriend.

Michael Winterbottom

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