“The Conversation Continues”

Once a week, from March 2007 until the end of April last year, I set up a mini photo studio in a corner of Bill Moyers’ PBS studio and shot each guest he interviewed for his award-winning series,  Bill Moyers Journal.

It was an extraordinary experience to photograph these politicians, religious figures, activists, journalists, writers, poets and scholars and to sit in the studio listening to the conversations Bill had with his guests about major issues–health care, race in the age of Obama, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, climate change and the environment, the economy and how technology is revolutionizing journalism.

The Journal’s exhaustive companion website, an invaluable resource, serves as a history of the show and its time.  It has now been joined by “Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues,” recently published by The New Press.  Fifty interviews are included, each with an intro by Bill.  I’m honored that my portraits are part of the book.

Bill Moyers and Wendell Potter (Senior Fellow on health care, Center for Media and Democracy; health insurance industry whistleblower; former Cigna executive) will be at Union Square Barnes & Noble on June 8.

(Portraits above, top row, left to right: Nikki Giovanni, Victor Gold, John Grisham; middle row, left to right: Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jon Stewart, Karen Armstrong; bottom row, left to right: Grace Lee Boggs, Wendell Potter, Jane Goodall.)

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