The Duke and the Director

Gaspard Ulliel, NYC, 3/4/11

On the way to the shoot, I’m describing Gaspard Ulliel to Geraldine, “He’s an amazing actor and a chaudie.”  Geraldine (long-time American but from and formed in Rheims), laughs at me, at my Frenchification of American slang.

Ulliel is best known to American audiences for his eponymous role in “Hannibal Rising” and as the man behind the microphones in the Blue de Chanel ad, directed by Martin Scorsese.  In the commercial he speaks one line, which is echoed  in the pull quote from the interview he did with writer and journalist Aysegul Sert for today’s Dailysingle–a much better site than its misleading name indicates.

Directed in his latest film (which opens today in New York and L.A.), “The Princess of Montpensier,” by French master, Bertrand Tavernier, Ulliel plays the charming and duplicitous duke, Henri de Guise.

I photographed Bertrand Tavernier for the first time in Paris in the summer of 1986–he allowed me to barge into his apartment.  And then two months later in New York when his atmospheric, jazz-paced  ” ‘Round Midnight” was screening in that year’s New York Film Festival.  Last month we talked a little and photographed again.

Bertrand Tavernier, NYC, 10/2/86 and 3/4/11

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