Down for the Count

Keith Olbermann, NYC, 12/13/07

Keith Olbermann, NYC, 12/13/07

Keith Olbermann’s last edition of COUNTDOWN aired tonight (January 21st) on MSNBC. A sad and surprising loss.

There is no apparent evidence that the merger of NBCU and Comcast caused Olbermann’s abrupt departure from his show.  But earlier today I heard a laughably mistaken commentator on New York Public Radio say that the Comcast and NBCU merger was “a positive thing and like other large media mergers would lead to more choice for the viewer, not less.”

Michael Copps, the only FCC commissioner to cast a no vote on the merger said, said the “consolidation will do nothing to improve the health of TV newsrooms.”

MIchael Copps, NYC, 4/15/10

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  1. S.H. Blume says:

    Robin — I am completely blown away by your photography. Your talent is incredible, and I feel lucky to be looking at your work. Looking forward to more great photography and comments. shb

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