VIP (but aren’t we all?)

The acronym doesn’t stand for the expected–so overused, much-diluted, corny–but instead V(iewing) I(n) P(rivate) Art Fair (maybe an unfortunate name–these words have other connotations).

Here, two stills I shot for Wim Wenders’ PARIS, TEXAS of Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) “privately viewing” Jane (Nastassja Kinski).

But I digress.  VIP is the first art fair to be totally virtual.  Opening on January 22, approximately 140 galleries will be showing work online for a week.

Among the galleries participating is Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller (LTMH) Gallery, which represents my wonderful friend, Pouran Jinchi.  To see work that was included in Pouran’s spectacular November/December 2010 show, ENTROPY:

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One Response to VIP (but aren’t we all?)

  1. Thomas Boyd says:

    I was just thumbing through Alec Soth’s new book. There’s a film still from Paris, Texas in one of the essays. I recognized it from a mural in a bar here in Portland called the Bunk Bar. (

    I went to Netflix and watched the movie, which I’ve been meaning to see it for years. In the credits I saw your name. I googled you and found your website, looked at your work, clicked on your blog scrolled down and saw these stills from the movie I just watched.

    Now I’m telling you about it in the comments. I don’t know what it all means, but I’m glad I followed the path before me. I watched a great movie, saw some interesting images, and learned a bit from the journey.

    Good day,

    Thomas Boyd

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